Fall 2015 Updates

Hello…from the other side… 😉

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Since many of you know me (Sharon) personally, you’ve probably seen the updates regarding my family. But in case you didn’t know…I had twin boys this past August! Introducing Judah + Jonah Yoon, born August 6th in Seoul: Continue reading


Summer 2015 Updates!

Greetings SMA friends!

We hope that you are enjoying your summers so far! It has been a relatively mild summer here in Seoul. A little heat, a little rain, but nothing unbearable. We just had a few quick announcements regarding our shop in the coming months. Continue reading

Korean Magnet Letters + Magnetic Egg Tangram Puzzle | Product Descriptions

This week’s sale we are introducing our first educational tools. Since it’s summer time, we moms want to mix work and play. Why not work and play with our new products? It is a fun way to learn the Korean Alphabet and also put a twist on the conventional puzzles all of us moms buy for our children.  We would like to showcase the Korean Magnet Letters + Magnetic Egg Tangram Puzzle  to entertain your littles ones before sending them off in the Fall! These products are great to get your kids interested in learning Korean and to challenge their creative little noggins! Continue reading

Mommy+Me Roll-up Summer Sun Hats | Product Description + Review

Sun Hat Banner

For this week’s sale we are offering one of our absolute fave summer essentials: Mommy+Me Roll-Up Summer Sun Hats in various sizes and colors. These sun hats are not only trendy, but so convenient and portable too! Read on for the following:

Don’t forget! To purchase our products, you need to join us on Facebook or Instagram! You simply need to comment on the pics of the product to order! Continue reading

Kids Aprons + Stainless Steel Kids Food Trays | Product Description + Review

Have we got a pairing for you! The most adorable kids aprons and stainless steel food trays. We know that you may be thinking..aprons? What’s so special about aprons? Well, let us tell you…these aprons are not only beautifully designed but practical in all facets of your child’s daily activities. And the stainless food trays that we have curated will be the must-have item for your child that you wished you knew about a long time ago. Continue reading

Kids Korean Summer PJ + Underwear Sets | Product Review + Description

We love Korean PJs and underwear! They are made from the highest quality cotton and come in adorable designs. In fact, many major retailers utilize Korean clothing manufacturers because of this high level of quality. And if you know anything about native Koreans, you’ll know that they are extremely proud of the quality of ANYTHING made in Korea! Fortunately for you, we are not quite as biased, though we do think many things are great! 😉 This time around, we worked our tails off to make sure that what we are offering is truly high quality from two of the most well known kids’s brands here in Korea. Continue reading

Austin: The Smokehouse (오스틴 ) | Hongdae series

[by Anne] Korea is known for trends in all aspects – makeup, fashion, music and of course food. In recent years, The Mexican food scene was the popular trend. Restaurants boasting authentic Mexican cuisine was and still is popping up all over the city and country wide. Currently, American Southern BBQ has been the craze. It has been so popular that queues as long as 2-3 hours has been a normal scene outside new rib joints in the popular foreign food district in Itaewon, Seoul.

Now, you can add Hongdae as a destination for this sought out BBQ. Austin’s in the Sangsu station area in Hongdae has a respectable menu that doesn’t break the bank. Continue reading

Rolly Rice Paddle + Silicone Grippy Tongs | Product Description + Review

We could not be more excited to finally bring you these two tools for your kitchen: the Rolly Rice Paddle and Silicone Grippy Tongs! These were two of the very first products we ever curated, because we literally use them every day. In this entry:

Remember, to purchase our products, you need to join us on Facebook or Instagram! You simply need to comment to order!

Continue reading

Mommy + Me Nameplate Necklaces – Korean & Chinese! | Product Description + Special Offer!

For our first sale of 2015, we are excited to bring you custom, personalized Mommy + Me Nameplate Necklaces in Korean or Chinese. We’ve all seen people wearing the English version but how special would it be to rock ones that are in Korean and Chinese? With graduation season just around the corner, these necklaces would be such a special gift!  And for those of you who like mix and match with other necklaces, this piece adds a stylish punch to your jewelry collection. These custom necklaces are hard to come by in the States so don’t miss this chance. This is the first product curated by our newest Seoul Mom, Anne Lee!

Make sure to scroll to the bottom to find a Special Offer! Continue reading